Seyran Sahakyan

Managing partner

Seyran Sahakyan is a driven and accomplished legal professional with a strong background in civil and business law. Throughout his career, Seyran has gained experience in various legal positions, including Judge Assistant, Legal Adviser.

His passion for the legal field led him to co-found "We Solve Law Firm" LLC in the begining of 2021, where he currently serves as a Managing Partner of the team. Seyran's particular focus on commercial law and international business law has allowed him to excel in his role, providing expert legal advice and counsel to clients.

Seyran's academic achievements also reflect his dedication to the legal field. He holds a Bachelor of Jurisprudence (LL.B) with a specialization in Civil law from Yerevan State University, a Master of Laws (LL.M) with a specialization in Business law in the American University of Armenia, and completed Master of Commercial Law in The University of Melbourne in Australia.

Overall, Seyran's vast experience and educational background make him a valuable lawyer in the legal field, and his commitment to providing the best possible service to clients is evident in his work.

We provide high quality legal services

We litigate cases and close transactions. Our principle is to deliver the shortest and the most beneficial solution to your case and, therefore, our lawyers are specialized in narrowest aspects of the relevant branch of law․