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Find the solutions of the legal issues bothering you. Here we will offer you creative, innovative and beneficial solutions. We are not greedy in our words.

Drafting Contract

Every agreement reached with the other side needs to be recorded in some way. Making contract is the most beneficial and the shortest way to record the agreement. To have a contract emanating all your interests can be done only by professionals.

Corporate registration, restructuring, liquidation, drafting/amending bylaws

Your company will be safe with the right structure of governance.
Let us keep you off from the pitfalls in the bylaws and other documents related to your company.

Legal Due Diligence

The primary goal of an LDD is to find legal risks. Then, to analyse, assess, and describe those risks. Finally, to recommend mitigating measures. Setting up red flags is where the LDD does its best and gravest. This is a factor that largely determines whether the deal would go through or not.

Drafting and Reviewing Legal Documents

Any type of legal document that is relevant to our practice areas can be professionally prepared by our team. We also offer different templates for the frequently rised issues.

Tax Planning

We are here to analyse or plan the financial situation for ensuring that all elements work together to allow you to pay the lowest taxes possible.

Customs consulting

Custom law issues are diverse. That is one of the difficult areas in law. Our specialists are ready to help you in any legal matter raised in this regard.

Intellectual Property Protection

Without appropriate protection of intellectual property nowhere it would be encouraged to create something new. Moreover businesses would not be able to be free of piracy or would not be able to protect their rights. We offer quality services to protect your intellectual property rights.

Representation in Insolvency

The procedure of insolvency gives opportunity to both the creditor to satisfy its claims and to the debtor to start enterprising or start the life without previous debts. In this procedure we can help you maximise your interest in that procedure.


If practicing your obligations and rights in front of court, in negotiations or in any other case is not your strongest side, let us represent you. We will bring it to the most beneficial end.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration, mediation, negotiations and other means of ADR are the most effective, beneficial and the shortest ways towards the final, objective and comprehensive resolution for all kinds of disputes.

Legal Opinion

Get a professional legal opinion on any legal matter from our practice areas disturbing you. Our lawyers have valuable experience for making a convincing and well-grounded opinions.


Practice Areas


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License, Permissions, Trade and Services Regulation

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Inspections, state control

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Public Procurement

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Unfair Competition

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Mergers (Economic Concentration)

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Monopoly or Abuse of Dominant Position and Strong Negotiating Position

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Anti-Competitive Agreement

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Real Estate Transactions

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International Transactions

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Debt Collection

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